Tension headache gone,finally

3 mother fu***ng weeks of nausea,lightheadedness,dizziness pain in eyes/teeth/ears and head,feeling like i was moving on rough seas even laid on my bed and it’s finally gone.

Probably to do with having a medical assessment just before it started, otherwise it’s a weird coincidence.

Not that i can blame the gov,i’ve been on the sick for…for too many long years.

Maybe i’m a medical marvel, i’m obese and although i have agony in my ankles if i walk or stand for too long, i love manual labour such as gardening(apart from when the garden i’ve levelled again ends up with worm hills)…ARGH Headshake,think happy thoughts instead of getting melodramatic again cuz its 03:25am and the bad thoughts are there >.<

Anyway, headaches are gone, so that’s something to be grateful for.



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